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The Changing Landscape of Purpose

By Cambria Hayashino – It’s no secret that purpose is increasingly important for companies. Having a strong sense of purpose can help companies attract top talent, and also help their bottom line. A recent Fast Company article highlighted this connection between purpose and success, advocating that the most successful companies are often the ones with a clear […]

Key takeaways from two days of sharing about the sustainability of brands

As a conclusion of the “how now” conference we had the chance of hearing Rosalia Arteaga sharing her vision on those different trends that were mentioned over the weekend. What concerns legitimacy, companies that are doing business in a sustainable way will only get their legitimacy from the final customer. This is why they should […]

Trash is the good news! How to stop using our natural resources in a careless way now

Javier Goyeneche, President and Founder of Ecoalf, convinced us that it is possible to create new and fashion clothes utilizing the waste that people throw away every day in the environment. He presented us “Upcycling the Oceans”, an ambitious project that has as main goal removing waste from the Mediterranean Sea. They established a partnership with […]

Mud Jeans: how sustainability can drive successful business model innovation now

Bert Van Son, CEO of Mud Jeans, presented us this start up from the Netherlands. The idea of the company is to encourage jeans costumers to buy a new one, use and then give it back after use. With this practice, Mud Jeans can be sure that all the materials will be recycled after use. The […]

Green is the New Black

Filip Engel, Head of Group Sustainability, Public Affairs & Branding, Dong Energy, shared a crisp presentation on the turnaround his company made over the course of a decade. “I’m fueled by black energy, mainly, and so are you,” said Engel. But this did not mean that this state of affairs had to remain. Engel, and […]

The Robots are Coming!

“I don’t want to work with humans” – anonymous robot Mention cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (A.I.), and what might come to mind are Hollywood movies featuring autonomous super intelligent killer robots that threaten mankind. Indeed, various prominent individuals such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Yuval Noah Harari, have all warned about the threats […]

Monday 23: Lego, Adidas, BASF and HIP Investor: sustainability as a business driver

The mid-morning sessions at the Sustainable Brands Conference at IESE saw speakers from Lego, Adidas, BASF and HIP INVESTOR. One thing they all had in common was that they currently all are using tools to understand and manage their businesses impact on the world and on their consumers. Tim Brooks, VP of Environmental Sustainability at Lego, focused […]

Sustainable Sunday – the sustainability kindergarten

The Sustainable Sunday 2016 hits its target by promoting a friendly environment to foster the understanding of sustainability concepts, across generations. In a Barcelona sunny Sunday, families have been to Cosmo Caixa to play and have fun while learning about sustainable fishing, the challenges of physical disabilities and about urban gardens – besides many other […]

Entrevista a Alfredo Pérez, Content Manager de Samsung y miembro del Jurado del concurso Apps for the World: aplicaciones por un mundo sostenible

¿Qué papel crees que puede jugar la tecnología en la construcción de un mundo más sostenible, más justo, en definitiva, mejor? El éxito de una empresa a medio plazo pasa por generar prosperidad y oportunidades de crecimiento para toda la sociedad. Samsung cuenta con un fuerte compromiso de mejora de la sociedad y el entorno, […]