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Monday 23: Lego, Adidas, BASF and HIP Investor: sustainability as a business driver

The mid-morning sessions at the Sustainable Brands Conference at IESE saw speakers from Lego, Adidas, BASF and HIP INVESTOR. One thing they all had in common was that they currently all are using tools to understand and manage their businesses impact on the world and on their consumers. Tim Brooks, VP of Environmental Sustainability at Lego, focused […]

Sustainability, Bottom Line and Investment: Solving this Decade’s Equation

Sustainability, Bottom Line and Investment. Paul R. Herman, CEO, HIP Investor

Sustainable Brands Barcelona. March 2016. The million-dollar question for many companies thinking about embracing sustainability is what impact it will have on their bottom line and in their capacity to attract fresh investment. Sustainable Brands Barcelona’s speaker  R. Paul Herman, Ceo + Founder at HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor Ratings (@HIPinvestor), starts to clear the […]