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Engaging consumers through purpose

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid When describing a consumer these are some of the key descriptions one can find: “Someone who can make the decision of purchase”, “A purchaser of a good or service” “an end user”… revised and reformulated, we would like to define the consumer as a human being […]

The macro landscape of Purpose: a swirling rollercoaster of opportunities

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid The last couple of months have been a swirl of emotions. On one hand; corporate, entrepreneurs and leaders of opinions joined one of the most important events towards sustainability and strategy at Sustainable Brands Madrid 2017: Activating Purpose. On the other hand two weeks after this event, global […]

The Goodmonster: Changing Paradigms

“Just a few days in my way to school with my kids my oldest daughter told me: “Daddy you are a monster, my brother said you are a monster!”, so I asked, “Am I, a good monster or a bad monster?” and she responded, “No papa, a good monster!”…There are monsters, there are princesses, there are queens, there are […]

Break-out: From positioning to purpose

From positioning to purpose

This break-out session was all about brand positioning and communication and how each line up with sustainability efforts of an organization.  There were 4 speakers; Dave Stangis from Campbell Soup, Andreas Ostendorf from FORD Europe, Pío Cabanillas Alonso from Acciona, and Elena Diaz-Alejo from Samsung.  The panel was moderated by the CEO/Founder of Sustainable Brands, […]