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To Be or Not to Be: How to Convince my Team Towards Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR has been in constant evolution based in a changing world of necessities. Today, businesses are considered as part of the solution to sustainable development and need to shift their CSR attention from the past concept of how they spend their money (for example: on charity) to how they make their money […]

The Goodmonster: Changing Paradigms

“Just a few days in my way to school with my kids my oldest daughter told me: “Daddy you are a monster, my brother said you are a monster!”, so I asked, “Am I, a good monster or a bad monster?” and she responded, “No papa, a good monster!”…There are monsters, there are princesses, there are queens, there are […]

Sustainable Sunday – the sustainability kindergarten

The Sustainable Sunday 2016 hits its target by promoting a friendly environment to foster the understanding of sustainability concepts, across generations. In a Barcelona sunny Sunday, families have been to Cosmo Caixa to play and have fun while learning about sustainable fishing, the challenges of physical disabilities and about urban gardens – besides many other […]

Sponsors of Sustainability

What do a soft-drink company, a Thai foundation and a Danish energy company have in common? They all sponsor Sustainable Brands Barcelona, Spain’s biggest sustainability event, a gathering of global leaders of sustainability in industry and companies interested in implementing transformative business models.

Featured Workshops – Sustainable Brands Barcelona 2016

In addition to the conferences of May 23rd and 24th, the programme includes afternoon workshops providing hands-on experience, instruction, discussion and feedback to help your company become sustainable, now. See exactly where these workshops fall in the SBB2016 program. Monday Workshops How to Develop a Strategic Scorecard for Sustainability Now: Learn to translate sustainability initiatives […]

Sustainable Brands Supports Social Innovation

What is social innovation? A social innovation is a new solution to a societal problem that is an improvement in effectivity, efficiency, sustainability, or justness. These new strategies, concepts, ideas and organisations meet the needs of different aspects of society from working conditions and education to community development and health. It involves cooperation of all 3 business […]

Soft Sustainability. Communicating for the future

What do you think when you hear the word sustainability? Do you think about a company’s charitable, or altruistic, behaviour? Shouldn’t sustainability be something more concrete than charity or altruism, shouldn’t it be the responsibility of a modern business? Shouldn’t it be expected? Whatever images the word “Sustainability” conjures up in your mind, unanimously we […]

Sustainability, Bottom Line and Investment: Solving this Decade’s Equation

Sustainable Brands Barcelona. March 2016. The million-dollar question for many companies thinking about embracing sustainability is what impact it will have on their bottom line and in their capacity to attract fresh investment. Sustainable Brands Barcelona’s speaker  R. Paul Herman, Ceo + Founder at HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor Ratings (@HIPinvestor), starts to clear the […]

Lego, Construyendo Sostenibilidad

Helena Martínez-Alonso. Sustainable Brands Barcelona, Febrero 2016. La próxima edición de Sustainable Brands Barcelona contará con ponentes de excepción, que compartirán inspiración y sus experiencias sobre sostenibilidad ligada al mundo de los negocios. Uno de ellos será  Tim Brooks, Director Senior de Sostenibilidad Ambiental de LEGO, la marca danesa que cuenta entre su catálogo los […]

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