Welcome to Sustainable Brands Madrid’17

Welcome to Sustainable Brands Madrid’17, an event organized by Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing, our consultancy.

Next May 8th and 9th, our third edition will be an exciting meeting point for the community of change makers, exploring at business conferences and workshops how tomorrow´s brands and business leaders are Activating Purpose with sustainability-led innovation that creates scalable impact and profitability.

This edition brought us to Madrid… what a vibrant open city! And we are proud to announce that Madrid City Council is actively supporting the event as our main institutional partner. Welcoming our community with open-arms, desire for change and positive impact.

We are also excited to bring Sustainable Sunday to the citizens, on May the 7th, previous to the business conferences, where 5.000 people will gather to enjoy and have fun around sustainability.

As World consumers are becoming more demanding with the brands they buy — looking for new satisfying products, services and business models while also contributing to a healthy environment and society. Yet, becoming a purpose driven brand can be a minefield: one misstep and you will be tagged as a green washer, or even worse.

So, what about you? By virtue of the fact that you are here, you probably sense we are in the midst of a revolution in the assumptions we hold about the relationship between business, society and administration, brands and consumption and our future.

Our 3rd edition will gather Our Community of Brand Innovators. People who have been trying and testing new frameworks, methods, tools and partnerships, to ensure purpose driven brands outperform traditional brands in delivering tangible business results.

We will see their results in the form of revenue growth, customer loyalty and improved Net Promoters Scores at massive traditional companies, as well as at upstart disruptor brands. We will discover also new tools and learn new ideas from speakers from guest country, the UK – a pioneer when it comes to business success and positive impact through purpose.

Come, connect with all of them and find the latest experiences and learnings to activate your purpose, finding your path to 21st century success. With the added opportunity to tap into your personal purpose.

Being a global community of over 3 million business leaders, operating on 6 continents, Sustainable Brands is home to courageous optimists who are reshaping the future of commerce worldwide.

Register today for Sustainable Brands ’17 Madrid and be part of one of the most stimulating and uplifting experiences of the year. I look forward to seeing you and to designing together a future that we can be proud to hand over to our kids.

Sandra Pina, partner of Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing and Sustainable Brands Madrid Director.



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