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SBMadrid18 is an invitation to question business in its current model form. Faced with a framework that prioritizes business over humanity, we want to dive deeper into existing business strategies, models and the very mindsets that place humanity at their very core.

Sustainable Sunday
Sustainable Brands Madrid

Sustainable Brands Madrid (SBMadrid18) is an essential international meeting-point for all those who want to share face-to-face, with the community of global leaders of SB, the challenges, successes and failures of their business models focused on the individual and the environment. A reflection on the role of brands in pursuit of the definition of a fair and sustainable future.

What is really unique about the SBMadrid18conference is that it is the only event within the global SB network that incorporates and unites citizens, administrations and companies in the exciting discussion of transitioning to a sustainable economy. Preceding the two-day TED-style conference there will be Sustainable Sunday, an event where citizens, public sector, businesses, NGOs and media will interact and engage on sustainability and social impact through various activities such as fashion, food, well-being, transport, music ...All within the dynamic city of Madrid. Three intense days of knowledge, inspiration and work.

How can we create a new economic system that serves humanity? What challenges are both individuals and society facing ? What social challenges can companies really tackle? What did and what does success mean?
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