Program Overview


The theme is a continuation of the journey that started at Sustainable Brands Detroit last year under the heading Redefining the Good Life, and continues this year with Redesigning the Good Life in Vancouver. The conversation arrived on 8 and 9 October at Sustainable Brands Madrid.

There are many signs that tell us that the world is changing. Technology, one the great protagonists of our time, sometimes eclipses and many other times accelerates and at others simply provokes new realities. A mercantilist vision of technology where we are merely data and what is foreseeable will be the norm.

A development model in collision with the survival of our species. The human being as a productive subject and its variants: market, expense, investment, consumers, and clients.

The loss of global confidence in the system, especially in developed countries: The lack of confidence in the administration, in the media, in companies and in brands.

In this real environment, another reality grows in strength: The human being, and we are already surrounded by fantastic examples where this is happening.

Society seeks new ways of relating to brands. More and more consumers are looking for meaning and vindication through their act of purchase. Consumers seek consistency, anxious to see their personal principles reflected in the brands they buy.

The citizen gives more importance to the economy of being compared to that of having and enjoying, versus possessing.

Less, authentic, practical, attractive, profitable, coherent, healthy, quality, respectful, different, committed, caring, beautiful, pleasant, good, are attributes that coexist more frequently.

Employees do not want to just work anywhere or in any way. They are thirsty to find sense in their jobs. New organizational models appear where the difference between the self and the employed self disappears. What defines a good job today? A good company to work for? What is success?

We are facing a new paradigm shift. We are asking ourselves what we understand today as good, healthy, value, wealth, beauty. And it is essential that we keep asking.

More and more brands are doing it. They have decided to put themselves at the service of humanity.

It´s time for brands to step up and challenge mandates that stand in the way of social progress. It´s time to discover your brand voice in the human era. It´s time to serve humanity!