The 2018 edition of Sustainable Brands Madrid is ambitious and visionary in its content, featured speakers and delivery format, and unlike any other event of its kind. The theme Redesigning the Good Life: Brands Serving Humanity demands that we escape incremental thinking and think truly BIG in order to address the challenges of the 21st century.

Why SBMadrid18 is truly unique:

SBMadrid18 is an international event where plenary sessions will be presented in English. Simultaneous translation will be provided for the attendees upon request.

We are actively working on the program design and speaker confirmations. On this site, you will find an overview of agenda and we will be adding to this continually to keep you updated.


We will dedicate Monday to listen to and interact with our invited speakers. We will combine plenary sessions, round tables and break-out workshops/sessions throughout the day to inspire, reflect and get to know the tools that leaders are applying to meet the challenges we face as humanity, and the challenges that brands have decided to address to be on its side: Brands Serving Humanity.

We will also explore the key behaviours of those Brands serving Humanity: how they are doing it, what they are achieving, what are their successes and failures. In short, how they are redesigning the business world based on the individual.

The conference agenda for Day One is built around four interconnected tracks:

Track 1: Good Economy: Redefining the Purpose of an Economy

Why it matters? Conventional Economic and Political thinking is outdated and does not effectively serve humanity. In order to do good economics, you have to keep in mind that people are human. It’s time to base economics on human nature, not Homo Economicus.

This track will bring together experts in the fields of Economics, Sociology and Political Sciences to discuss the new thinking that can help build an economic system that works for humanity.

Track 2: Exemplary Leadership: Business Exists to Serve Society

Why it matters? BlackRock CEO, Laurence Fink, created a storm earlier this year when he wrote (in his annual letter) that companies must serve a social purpose. In this track we will discuss the implications of this statement and examine the vital actions companies can take to demonstrate leadership and clarity.

Track 3: Brand Bravery: Corporate Activism

Why it matters? Until very recently brands did not engage on social-political issues. However, as trust in institutions is at an all-time low, consumers have begun looking to brands to take the lead in effecting social change. According to research by Sprout Social, 66% of consumers don’t want companies to stay silent on social-political issues.

Brand Bravery is having the courage to step up and challenge mandates that stand in the way of social progress. Brands epitomizing this bravery include Starbucks, Ben & Jerry´s and Patagonia. And we should salute them for taking a stand. In this track brand leaders together with communications experts will discuss brand activism, highlighting examples of best practice and failure.

Track 4: The Human Factor: People at the Heart of Innovation

Why it matters? Technology, funding, incubation, mentoring, teaching, R&D have all been identified as factors critical to innovation. But at the heart of all innovation lies the human factor. In this track we look at how nurturing human capital at all levels and in all sections of society can be crucial for developing the foundation for innovation and sustainable growth.

Closing Dialogue: Serving our Higher Needs: How Much Stuff do we Really Need?

Why it matters? Consumerism is responsible for many of the social, economic and environmental problems that we face today. And for what good? So that we can have more stuff? Is our life purpose really to have more and more material possessions?

Twentieth-century living has made us more wasteful and vain. It has been reported that Americans now spend more on self-storage units than on going to the cinema. Self worth and fulfillment cannot be purchased they must come from within. In this closing dialogue we explore how we can nurture an inner-connection so that we can become the best version of ourselves.


The conference agenda for Day Two is built around the concept of Co-Creation.

Tuesday will be a day of intense work. With the support of our sponsors and partners, we will deep dive into specific industries and management areas that are critical for social and economic development.

The purpose of these workshops is to apply, in practical terms, many of the themes discussed in Day One, and simulate how they will play out at the sector and/or functional level.

This second day, exclusively for sponsors and a selection of its interest groups, represents the next and final stage of the work of Day One which started by defining the challenges of their industries, the realities they encounter, and the opportunities that await them.

The methodological design of the day will be carried out by the team of Quiero and its network of collaborators. Speakers from Day One will be hand-picked to co-lead these in-depth discussions on topics such as Good Energy, Good Mobility, Good Finance, Good Food, Good Health, Good Technology…

If you would like to become involved with Day Two, and come from these industries or are an expert in any of these areas, please feel free to contact us. Together with our sponsors we will build the work groups for this day.



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