Sustainable Brands Community in Spain

Our purpose

Since 2015, more than 180 international speakers and more than 2,800 attendees from the corporate world, the Third Sector, academia, administration, the entrepreneurial sector, etc. have attended our meetings in Spain.

Our Spanish Community

We have promoted the “Sustainable Sundays”, meetings open to the community and their families, reaching an average of 19,000 visitors in total. A unique space where brands can also approach citizens with their sustainable proposals. 

Sustainable Brands Madrid

Today Sustainable Brands Madrid is a community of agents of change and a differential meeting place that: 

  • A community of change agentes for Europe and a differential meeting point.
  • Gives visibility and unites in the same place great leaders of international brands of reference in sustainability, with committed brands in our country. 
  • It is the only meeting specialised in brand building based on sustainability. 
  • It offers an international dimension both in terms of the speakers who attend and the profile of European attendees.

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