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Sustainable Brands is since 2006 the leading global platform for sustainability, brands and business that seeks to INSPIRE, TRANSFORM and ACTIVATE innovative brands and organisations that want to integrate sustainability into their business.

it holds professional meetings where challenges, learning and best practices in sustainability can be shared, creating a global learning and networking community

Within this ecosystem for change, Sustainable Brands Madrid has become the main hub of the platform in Europe. It is an essential international meeting for all those who want to share with the community of SB’s global benchmark leaders, CHALLENGES, SUCCESSES AND LESSONS learned from their business models focused on people and the environment.

Sustainable Brands has become the GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF INNOVATIVE BRANDS that are defining the future of business. 

We have inspired, connected and actively educated over one million sustainable business leaders and brand advocates around the world through our proprietary tools such as:
“SB Brand Transformation Roadmap”
“Brands for Good – Sustainable Brands”

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