About SBMadrid

Sustainable Brands® is the global reference community that brings together professionals and companies who are all innovating around the role of business and brands in society. A reflection on the role of brands in pursuit of the definition of a fair and sustainable future.


Sustainable Brands Madrid (SBMadrid18) is an essential international meeting-point for all those who want to share face-to-face, with the community of global leaders of SB the challenges, successes and failures of their business models focused on the individual and the environment.

By attending SBMadrid18 you will listen to unique perspectives from innovative brands and leading minds from the fields of technology, innovation, technology, economics and sociology who will share their thinking on how economic and political systems need to be updated to serve humanity, debate the role of business in society, why humans are critical for innovation, and explore how consumers are turning to brands to solve social problems.

All agents under one roof

The Spanish community of Sustainable Brands was born in Barcelona in 2015 by Quiero – a leading mission-driven brand consultancy.
Over the last three years business leaders from major brands (Patagonia, Levis, Ben & Jerry’s, Lego, Campbell Soup…) and high-level institutors (Consumer Goods Forum, WBCSD, B Corp, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership…) together with thought-leaders (Bill McDonough, Muslim Girl, Andrew Winston…) have helped us to create this community to explore themes ranging from the circular economy, storytelling, activating purpose, to disruptive innovation & systemic change, and the opportunities which arise around “aspirational consumers”, and make a collective reflection on the role and responsibility of companies in society.

More than 400 attendees from 16 different countries attended the conference in 2017 to learn the latest tools and approaches for transitioning to a sustainable economy. The next edition of Sustainable Brands Madrid will take place on 8th and 9th November 2018 in the morning.

Unlike most events, SBMadrid18will bring together all the agents involved in this transition process, from multinationals, entrepreneurs and investors to NGOs and leading change makers …With each actor bringing a unique perspective to be shared with attendees: a passion for socio-economic progress.

This year we will build the agenda around the theme of “Redesigning the Good life”. This is an invitation to question business in its current model form. Faced with a framework that prioritizes business over humanity, we want to dive deeper into existing business strategies, models and the very mindsets that place humanity at their very core.

We are witnessing a changing business landscape, a shift in demographics, rapid technological advancement, expanding inequality and environmental degradation. In order to keep up with these changes in society traditional measures of progress such as GDP / earnings per share need to be overhauled and replaced with new indicators that create shared value for all.

At SBMadrid18 you will hear from leading minds in the fields of sociology and economics share their thinking on why these measures are not suitable for addressing the challenges of the 21st century, and be part of the conversation of how we get from here to where we need to be: how can we create a new economic system that serves humanity?

You will also hear how innovative brands are serving society, why humans are critical for innovation, and gain invaluable insights from courageous brands that are taking a stand on social problems. What does this business-societal shift mean for listed companies? What social challenges can companies really address? What brands serve as examples? These questions and many more will be discussed during the conference.