About SB Madrid 2021

Sustainable Brands® is the premier global community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of commerce worldwide with focused attention on understanding and leveraging the role of brands in shaping that future.

Live events, such as the professional conference Sustainable Brands Madrid, are essential to the sharing of challenges, successes and learnings face to face among the members of the community. Now new online and hybrid events are also available.

The world is changing. Transparency is driving a multitude of stakeholders to connect the dots between brands and their positive or negative environmental and social impacts. This is inspiring us to create new businesses with a positive impact. Come, be part of Sustainable Brands Madrid and discover the roadmap to implement a leadership model focused on the achievement of sustainability objectives.

Discover new tools, learn new ideas and find new partnerships to drive a true mindset change through disruptive innovation!

Bringing the system into one room

Spanish Sustainable Brands community was born in Barcelona in 2015. Every year more than 350 attendees, from 25 different countries take part to our event. Leaders of international organizations such as Patagonia, Auara, Toms, Fairphone, The Body Shop or B Corp gave their insight in 2018 on “Redesigning the Good life: Brands serving humanity”.

In 2019, our fifth edition of SB Madrid that took place on the 17th and 18th of October, we took it one step further through the concept of Moonshot Thinking at a personal, corporate and brand level.

There is always a conscious effort to bring together all kinds of actors –large multinationals, NGOs, academics, administration, investors, independent professionals and entrepreneurs, among others –each one contributed with a unique perspective by sharing the passion of transforming businesses in order to shift the world towards a sustainable economy.

Sustainable Brands Madrid 2019 Professional Meetings

In SB Madrid 19, we explored the methodology of Moonshot thinking at a personal, corporate and brand level, as well as its implementation in business. We also explored how society and humanity can benefit from bold thinking to urgently solve the problems we face as a whole.

Participants had the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops with the objective of driving a significant and positive change, transforming magic into reality, making the impossible possible.

The event featured speakers, opinion leaders and inspiring professionals that transformed us into Moonshot Captains to lead change like never before, before it is too late.

Together, we discovered the innovative efforts of many people and companies to achieve a sustainable world. These examples served as a GPS to show us the direction, but we need to accelerate the change and inspire others to join us.

Sustainable Brands Madrid 2019 Format:


A true “take-off” of trends and factors of the market that will set the flight plan of the conference. Inspiration.


Dynamic sessions that helped us identify specific business issues, how to apply bold and radical thinking from different business angles.


To transform ideas into actions, that helped us to know in detail how to activate the change towards businesses with a positive impact.


We developed a “gravity zero” space to connect with good allies.