From Purpose to Impact: The Focus of Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023

The countdown for Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023 has just begun

At Quiero we are passionate about organizing Sustainable Brands Madrid, one of the most relevant sustainability events in the world, because it is an opportunity to share knowledge and global trends with both companies and the local ecosystem of sustainability and impact.Today, we are happy to announce that this new edition of Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023, which will take place on October 23 and 24, and will be held under the slogan ‘From Purpose driven brands to Impact brands’, is already on the way. For those who cannot wait, tickets are now available with a 30% of discount, until July 15th.



If we want to keep accusations of greenwashing away from our companies and brands, we must focus on the real impact of our actions. We must be consistent between what we do and what we say, thus maintaining our reputation and preparing for long-term relationships with different stakeholders. But in order to do that, we should start at the beginning: what are we talking about when we talk about impact?


Changing the system to change the system

Some reflections after our Little Big Conversation with Paul Polman Sandra Pina, CEO of Quiero and Sustainable Brands Madrid It is becoming increasingly urgent for brands and organisations to assume their responsibility as drivers of systemic change. We need a true mindset change, covering fundamental areas such as the training of future leaders with a…