Apps for the world

Mobile applications can be a tool to build a better world. There are many examples of apps that help us to know, for example, what is the carbon footprint that our daily activities produce. We also found apps that provide advice to act in a more sustainable way about our consumption of energy, water, food, etc.

That is why we from Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing have decided to push through Sustainable Brands Barcelona, a contest to develop an app for the Android operating system to improve the world: Apps for the world, applications for a more sustainable world.

Apps for the world, sponsored by Samsung Iberia, seek for innovative and creative projects in the field of sustainability. For this purpose it opens an invitation whose bases you can read here. With a prize of 5,000 euros (minus to the pertinent tax deductions), Sustainable Brands Barcelona seeks developers, programmers, students and makers with a solid app project with a clear vocation for building a better world. José Illana, founder of Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing, the driving company behind Sustainable Brands Barcelona, tells us in this video (in Spanish) the nature of the contest: we seek apps that help build a better world, either from a global point of view or focused on a specific problem or issue.

Proposals must be submitted through the authorized platform from the 8th of June at 00.00 until the 14th of september at 23:59 .

On April 28 we presented the Apps for the World contest at Sustainable Brands Barcelona. Francisco Hortigüela, Corporate Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics (sponsor of the event) shared with the audience at the conference.



Francisco Hortigüela. Corporate Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics


If you have an ongoing project or an idea just settled in your mind do not hesitate. Complete the procedure to subscribe to our Apps for the world contest in the following website

You have until the 14th of September!

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