¡BIENVENIDOS!… Let´s reimagine, redesign and regenerate together!

Welcome to Sustainable Brands Barcelona’15, the ­first time that in Spain, we gather organizations, citizens and administration in order to explore how we can build a new way of doing business.

On Sunday 26th April, we will bring to the citizens of Barcelona the opportunity to share a  Sustainable Sunday about fun, educative and sustainable activities, while meeting the brands and organizations that are working towards a sustainable future.

We also have the opportunity to experience the professional meetings of Sustainable Brands Barcelona. To listening and engage. To uncover the tools, techniques, ideas and partnerships that will help us grow meaningful brands that deliver a net positive impact on the lives of our customers, our employees, our shareholders, on the communities we touch, and on our planet.

We from Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing, could not be more grateful for the opportunity to serve as instigators, facilitators and holders of this Sustainable Brands Barcelona space, for all the learning and the collaboration. We discovered this platform 6 years ago …and now, we thank the global community and team of Sustainable Brands for trusting us to build Sustainable Brands Barcelona and its community.

We are also thrilled to have the opportunity to bring your talent to the Co-creating citiesworkshop during the late afternoon of Monday 27th, a worldwide pioneer initiative, that will allow our community to leave a legacy for the city of Barcelona. Together, we will ­find solutions related to the challenges that we are facing when promoting the sustainable mobility of the city.

These 3 days are about recognizing that together we have the ideas, the influence and resources to drive a shift to a sustainable global economy. Together we have the power to reimagine, redesign and regenerate. The fact is the faster we collectively, as a society, learn how to build and support brands that succeed by leading the way towards a sustainable future, the faster we can all get on to live the truly good life, and to dream of one for our kids.

Sandra_PinaSandra Pina and #sb15bcn team


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