Circular economy

How to embed circular economy thinking into a multinational’s culture now

Markus Laubscher, Director of Sustainability and Circular Economy of Philips, discussed with us ways of intervention that moves a multinational towards a circular economy thinking. Philips is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Markus told us the adoption of sustainable practices has been accelerating in the last 15 years in Philips. In 2003, the company had its first […]

How to design relevant, meaningful and impactful brands now

Samsung Electronics Iberia, a big but humble company, is creating a positive change in the world, through using their technology and the power of their brand. Francisco Hortigüela, Director of Communications, Institutional Relations and Corporate Citizenship of Samsung Electronics Iberia, presented how the firm is having an impact in the world. First, they realized that […]

Sustainability and Profits: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Reporting sustainability is no longer optional for many companies. “You can wait… you can iterate… [and wikileaks has shown] it will get published if you don’t” said R. Paul Herman, CEO and Founder of HIP. Moderating the workshop on strategic scorecards for sustainability, Herman brought with him both passion and gravitas from his varied experiences […]

Cradle to Cradle: A Solid Foundation for a Circular Economy

What happens to the materials in your products after they’ve been used? Do they get thrown out? Recycled? Upcycled? What about the manufacturing processes: are they based on renewable energy, or are they wasteful? Your products are leaving a lasting impression on the world; is it a positive one? The Cradle to CradleTM concept secures […]

Closing the loop: The why and who of the Circular Economy at #SB16bcn

The circular economy is one of the key sustainability issues. It is being wholeheartedly embraced by companies, governments and citizens alike, as it saves costs, creates jobs, and has the potential to save the planet. This is why it features at the top of the agenda of Sustainable Brands Barcelona’s professional meetings on May 23 […]

Sustainability, Bottom Line and Investment: Solving this Decade’s Equation

Sustainable Brands Barcelona. March 2016. The million-dollar question for many companies thinking about embracing sustainability is what impact it will have on their bottom line and in their capacity to attract fresh investment. Sustainable Brands Barcelona’s speaker  R. Paul Herman, Ceo + Founder at HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor Ratings (@HIPinvestor), starts to clear the […]

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