Sustainability and Profits: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Reporting sustainability is no longer optional for many companies. “You can wait… you can iterate… [and wikileaks has shown] it will get published if you don’t” said R. Paul Herman, CEO and Founder of HIP. Moderating the workshop on strategic scorecards for sustainability, Herman brought with him both passion and gravitas from his varied experiences […]

Sustainable Brands Supports Social Innovation

What is social innovation? A social innovation is a new solution to a societal problem that is an improvement in effectivity, efficiency, sustainability, or justness. These new strategies, concepts, ideas and organisations meet the needs of different aspects of society from working conditions and education to community development and health. It involves cooperation of all 3 business […]

Sustainability: An Opportunity to Lead

Sustainable Brands Barcelona will host Anna Maria Rugarli, VF Corporation Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility EMEA, as one of the event’s key speakers. She found some time to explain how they approach sustainability at VF Corporation, a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories, with more than 30 brands (including The […]

Sustainable Innovation: Creating Sustainable Products Is A Must

Innovation has always been the cornerstone of businesses. As the old business model paradigm is changing, businesses are increasingly developing products adding sustainability to the mix, linking corporate social responsibility and innovation: sustainable innovation is born. And they are doing it while focusing services and marketing to a profitable market, tapping into niches and also […]

Tell everyone. Sustainability is NOW transforming our businesses.

The second Sustainable Brands Barcelona is taking off. From Quiero, we invite you to join us, since NOW, in this year’s gathering that will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona from 22nd -24th May 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity! Get your All-event pass now and save 36% of its real price (only until […]

Aplicaciones solidarias para hacer un mundo mejor

El sector de las aplicaciones continúa en alza. En 2014 se descargaron en España una media de 3,8 millones de apps al día (The App Date, 2014) y se prevé que para final de este año se superarán las 235.000, un 28% más que hace un año, según un informe realizado por la consultora Juniper Research. […]