Joanna Yarrow, Head of Sustainable & Healthy Living, IKEA Group: “We need to develop a positive vision of how to live a good life within the limits of the planet”

Joanna Yarrow leads the IKEA Group’s work to inspire and enable 1 billion people to live better lives within the limits of the planet by 2030 – by making sustainable and healthy living affordable, attractive and accessible for as many people as possible worldwide. Joanna will be at Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018. The IKEA Sustainability […]

John Rousseau, Vice President of Design of Artefact: “It is our responsibility to shape the future with care and ensure our work is contributing to the ‘good life’ for all”

Artefact is an award-winning digital experience innovation company. They use human-centered design to solve complex problems and create timeless experiences that help their partners have a positive impact on their customers, businesses and society. John Rousseau is responsible for the creative culture that the firm drives, and also for innovating its offering, capabilities, and methodologies […]

Sergio Estella, co-founder of Vizzuality: “Open data allows people to understand what’s happening in our world and what choices should be made to secure a sustainable, equitable future”

The goal of Vizzuality is making beautiful data design a true driver of change and impact on people’s lives. From his position as its chief designer officer, Sergio produces beautiful visualizations, intuitive user experiences and help people to understand the massive amount of information flowing everywhere. He believes that we all have the opportunity –and […]

DANIEL TRURAN, B CORP AMBASSADOR: “B Corp companies wish to harness the power of business to help address society’s greatest challenges and to build a more inclusive economy”

Daniel is a social innovator, speaker and facilitator of change that helps people transform their organizations into meaningful, socially useful and also successful entities that contribute to creating a more prosperous, fair and sustainable civilization. That is just the goal of B Corp Companies. At Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018 he will speak about ‘Business as […]

David Grayson, Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield School of Management: “There are lots of different opportunities and ways to promote sustainable development”

David Grayson will speak at Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018 about his book ‘All In: The Future of Business Leadership’, co-authored with Chris Coulter from GlobeScan and Mark Lee from SustainAbility. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and The Guardian has identified him as one of the ten top tweeters on sustainable leadership, alongside Al Gore […]

Charles Wookey, CEO of Blueprint for Better Business: “No one company by itself can bring about the necessary eco-system change which the world needs”

Charles was one of the founders of Blueprint and a key contributor to the thinking behind its approach, which asserts that people are not solely self-interested and business is not solely driven by profit. Under his leadership Blueprint has become an independent charity engaged with a growing number of major global companies and whose ambition is […]

Sue Garrard, EVP Sustainable Business and Communications of Unilever “A company without purpose is just a money making machine”

Since 2011 Sue Garrard is responsible for building the Global Communications strategy and delivery of Communications to enhance Unilever’s global business. In 2014, Sue was asked to lead the work to embed the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan into the company to support its growth, build brands with purpose, build employee engagement and future proof the […]

Conscious Capitalism is also profitable.

Author: Bárbara Gras, director of Projects at Quiero and coordinator of Sustainable Brands® Madrid 2018 “The business of business is people, yesterday, today and forever”. This phrase by Raj Sisodia, co-founder of Conscious Capitalism Inc., summed up the first Conference on Conscious Capitalism in Europe (CCEC2018), which was held at IESE Barcelona, ​​on July 9th, […]

#SB18Vancouver from desire to reality

Author: Sandra Pina, partner of Quiero and director of Sustainable Brands® Madrid 2018 More than 2200 people have met in Vancouver (Canada), between the 4th and 7th of June, to discuss how to redesign our economic, social and environmental model: “Redesigning the Good Life: Brands Serving Humanity”. The perception is that we all, in some […]

Purposeful human beings: Elevating our collective purpose

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid There is a thought-provoking interpretation of Aristoteles philosophy which proposes that our purpose in life is to achieve happiness. For Aristoteles, happiness is not something that can be gained or lost in a few hours, like pleasurable sensations. It is more like the ultimate value of […]