Purposeful human beings: Elevating our collective purpose

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid There is a thought-provoking interpretation of Aristoteles philosophy which proposes that our purpose in life is to achieve happiness. For Aristoteles, happiness is not something that can be gained or lost in a few hours, like pleasurable sensations. It is more like the ultimate value of […]

Engaging consumers through purpose

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid When describing a consumer these are some of the key descriptions one can find: “Someone who can make the decision of purchase”, “A purchaser of a good or service” “an end user”… revised and reformulated, we would like to define the consumer as a human being […]

Back to basics: Building a purposeful organization

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid Taking a trip back in time will place us in the context of where we are standing today: the purposeful organization. Back before the industrial revolution people tended to work on their communities, this way they could see the direct impact where they lived in. Companies […]

The macro landscape of Purpose: a swirling rollercoaster of opportunities

By Maggie Crespo Mijares, Project Executive- Somos Quiero/ Sustainable Brands Madrid The last couple of months have been a swirl of emotions. On one hand; corporate, entrepreneurs and leaders of opinions joined one of the most important events towards sustainability and strategy at Sustainable Brands Madrid 2017: Activating Purpose. On the other hand two weeks after this event, global […]

Activating Purpose: keep discovering

by Sandra Pina, Sustainable Brands Madrid Director & Partner at Somos Quiero. Most of Boards and CEOS in the world, and therefore brands and organizations are now in the road of purpose. In our journey at SB Madrid we discovered how everything starts with the people. The entity does not have a purpose, but the people […]

La sostenibilidad inunda el Paseo del Prado.

¿Cómo convertir la sostenibilidad en algo atractivo, divertido, apetitoso para los ciudadanos?  ¿Cómo dar una segunda vida a un objeto que te encanta? ¿Cómo redescubrir tu ciudad bajo una mirada sostenible? Éstas y muchas preguntas tendrán su respuesta, contigo como protagonista, en Sustainable Sunday: un domingo cualquiera pero con mucha dosis de sostenibilidad. A través […]

To Be or Not to Be: How to Convince my Team Towards Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR has been in constant evolution based in a changing world of necessities. Today, businesses are considered as part of the solution to sustainable development and need to shift their CSR attention from the past concept of how they spend their money (for example: on charity) to how they make their money […]

NET IMPACT + SB “We go Together”: Responsible Business Career Showcase

Sustainable Brands Madrid is proud to announce our collaboration with Net Impact , the global network of professionals and students interested in sustainable business. IE Business School’s Net Impact Club will participate in this year’s conference in Madrid, along with representatives from some of Europe’s other top business schools. In addition to participation in the conference, […]

The Changing Landscape of Purpose

By Cambria Hayashino – It’s no secret that purpose is increasingly important for companies. Having a strong sense of purpose can help companies attract top talent, and also help their bottom line. A recent Fast Company article highlighted this connection between purpose and success, advocating that the most successful companies are often the ones with a clear […]