Sustainability and Marketing


On June 17th (from 17:00 CEST to 20:00) at SBMadrid 21, in collaboration with CEOE, our international key speakers will present the results and the key learnings generated from the over 100 conversations we had along the past year with leaders from our Sustainable Brands network, coming from America, Asia and Europe. We want to […]

A better way

How will COVID affect the Sustainable Development and Company equation?: global problems require global responses. COVID-19 is an opportunity for us to rethink and improve upon many of things that we have been doing. One such thing is how we understand companies in terms of sustainable development. We now have a chance to profoundly transform […]

From activist brands to activist consumers

By Sandra Pina, Partner and General Director of Quiero. “Beyond the product, make them feel good for good” is the panel I chaired at #SBParis19, which analyzed the role of consumers when they become activists and demand changes in brands in order to drive social, economic, environmental or political change. Alongside Lisa Hogg, EMEA Marketing […]

Joanna Yarrow, Head of Sustainable & Healthy Living, IKEA Group: “We need to develop a positive vision of how to live a good life within the limits of the planet”

Joanna Yarrow leads the IKEA Group’s work to inspire and enable 1 billion people to live better lives within the limits of the planet by 2030 – by making sustainable and healthy living affordable, attractive and accessible for as many people as possible worldwide. Joanna will be at Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018. The IKEA Sustainability […]

David Grayson, Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield School of Management: “There are lots of different opportunities and ways to promote sustainable development”

David Grayson will speak at Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018 about his book ‘All In: The Future of Business Leadership’, co-authored with Chris Coulter from GlobeScan and Mark Lee from SustainAbility. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and The Guardian has identified him as one of the ten top tweeters on sustainable leadership, alongside Al Gore […]

Ynzo van Zanten, Choco Evangelist at Tony’s Chocolonely: “What you put in your shopping basket is a daily vote for the world you want to live in”

Tony’s Chocolonely is not your average chocolate company, but a chocolate company with a huge mission; to end modern slavery and exploitation in the cocoa industry. Ynzo van Zanten explains in this interview Tony’s mission: “Tony’s aims to make 100% slave free chocolate the norm in the world. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate […]

Activating Purpose: keep discovering

by Sandra Pina, Sustainable Brands Madrid Director & Partner at Somos Quiero. Most of Boards and CEOS in the world, and therefore brands and organizations are now in the road of purpose. In our journey at SB Madrid we discovered how everything starts with the people. The entity does not have a purpose, but the people […]