Featured Workshops – Sustainable Brands Barcelona 2016

In addition to the conferences of May 23rd and 24th, the programme includes afternoon workshops providing hands-on experience, instruction, discussion and feedback to help your company become sustainable, now. See exactly where these workshops fall in the SBB2016 program.

Monday Workshops

How to Develop a Strategic Scorecard for Sustainability Now:

Learn to translate sustainability initiatives into your financial bottom line – higher revenue, lower cost, mitigated risks, competitive advantage – systematically in a strategic scorecard to show your Board and Executive Team your firm doing good aligns with making money. R. Paul Herman, CEO + FOUNDER, HIP (HUMAN IMPACT + PROFIT) INVESTOR

How innovation in Organization & Management can strive cultural transformation towards Sustainability Now: Governance, Metrics and Methodologies

Go deep: make a culture change beyond sustainable good practices and communication. This workshop will focus on organizational change and innovation so management can do their part to transform towards sustainability. Mathieu Durrande, PARTNER & FOUNDER, ECODIGMA

How to design relevant, meaningful and impactful brands now?

Learn how to apply the Five Human Aspirations for brand innovation and design – ideas, tools, resources and practice to make your brand more meaningful, relevant and impactful. Raphael Bemporad, FOUNDING PARTNER AND CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER, BBMG

Tuesday Workshops and Panel

How to asses if circularity models are applicable to your business now and if so, where to start?

How to gauge the viability of circular production, and how to implement it. Marcos López-Brea, DIRECTOR SOUTHERN EUROPE, WINDAR PHOTONICS Y FUNDADOR DE UBUNTU

How to sell more by selling less now?

This practical workshop will provide the tools to assess and apply Servitisation: moving from manufacturing and/or selling products to offering services to increase revenues, decrease material and energy consumption and offering greater value to the customer. Ramon Farreny, TECHNICAL SECRETARIAT, ECO-INNOVATION LAB and Bert Van Son, CEO, MUD JEANS

Panel: How to become a relevant brand for millennials now?

This panel will provide brands, human resources and marketing professionals ways to weave sustainable values into their company narrative in order to attract this in-demand demographic, covering:

  1. Characteristics of new sustainability-valuing millennial consumers.
  2. Ways in which companies can integrate sustainable practices to make them more attractive to millennials.
  3. How to reposition and market a brand to millennial consumers from experts on integrating sustainability practices into brand strategy.
  4. How to attract & retain fresh talent into a brand by creating a system of values that align with millennial ethos.


These practical and integrative workshops from experienced business leaders in the field will provide a plethora of take-home experience from the summit.

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