Help me in Sustainable Brands San Diego and come to Sustainable Brands Barcelona

A few hours to catch the flight back to Sustainable Brands San Diego, and with Sustainable Brands Barcelona still fresh in my head, I think of the days I’m going to spend there and I ask you for some help.

It is the first time I attend San Diego with the responsibility to know that I have to bring the best of this encounter to our Sustainable Brands 2016 in Barcelona. I had always been there with the sole responsibility of getting carried away by what I heard and talked. My goal: let me be inspired.

Now, to this objective I have to add the distillation of the most interesting for our market, what we need according to the time in which we live. Clearly the rhythms are marked by every business, every sector.

After years of meetings in San Diego, the theme this year is a statement of intentions: HOW, NOW. It seems as if the time talking is over and came the time for action. I do not know which of the terms is more challenging.

Perhaps the second. In some way or another we all know how or know at least who can help us: How to transfer my value chain the purpose of my organization, how to identify my hidden leaders in the organization, how to incorporate my consumer in the However, how to negotiate my efforts with the administrations, how to identify the most sensitive products regarding sustainable innovation, how to choose the time to start communicating my journey in sustainability… HOW.

The NOW confronts us with our moment of truth, and for that we stop speaking, polishing, analyzing… Yes it is time, it is now.

For four days I will be listening to more than 150 speakers talking about this topic. Various industries, various positions. The how and the now are its conductive thread.

I ask you to help me be inspired, I ask you to help me to think about what speakers you would like to hear in the next Sustainable Brands Barcelona to be held in 2016. It is as simple as answering in the comments of this article who and why. Well, there you have the web, and most importantly the streaming to follow the conversations. It is free, are you motivated?

Help me to be inspired and win a prize. We raffle among all those who support us with their answers a free ticket to our next SB16BCN.

Thanks for helping us. NOW I’ll continue with my suitcase.

Jose Illana

Partner founder

Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing

Driver of Sustainable Brands Barcelona

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