Key takeaways from two days of sharing about the sustainability of brands

As a conclusion of the “how now” conference we had the chance of hearing Rosalia Arteaga sharing her vision on those different trends that were mentioned over the weekend.

What concerns legitimacy, companies that are doing business in a sustainable way will only get their legitimacy from the final customer. This is why they should strive for authenticity, transparency and confidence. This is the only way to develop a real long term relationship.

Brands are also responsible of the education as contribution to the society and as profitable investment for them! Education should be rooted at the core of the companies While working on making the world a better place, communicating about their purpose and the “why” they are working on will improve awareness and eventually change behaviors.

We live in a world that has many more dimensions than in the past. We’re all local and global at the same time. While we are polluting on one side of the ocean, the people affected might be at the other side. Our actions are impacting in an increasingly global way. Thanks to internet and the social media people get also more and more connected everywhere around the globe. Therefore, we should focus our actions at both the local level and the global level, by keeping it the local way …which we could call the glocal approach!

Staying connected at both local and global level is keeping our mind open to the evolution of the world. We have a lot of uncertainty for the future. So we need to be able to change position and look after the best solutions all the time. Following the evolution of technology and sciences is essential if you don’t want to fall behind!!

Grégoire de Hemptinne, SB Barcelona 2016 Volunteer, MBA Class of 2017, IESE Business School

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