MicroBank: Sustaining families, the community and the environment

Some wonder what we do at Sustainable Brands. We invite you to meet us.

We like to define us as banking of values, with a clear focus to serve the society through its activity. And this is possible by the support of CaixaBank, the sole shareholder of MicroBank.

MicroBank, the social bank belonging to CaixaBank, is the only financial institution in Spain devoted exclusively to funding projects through microcredits, and also it continues to rise each year to its investment to finance the activities of entrepreneurs and freelancers, to facilitate job creation and meet the temporary needs of families with limited financial resources.

Last year, it spent a total of 434.4 million euros to the various lines of microcredits. But more important was its impact: over 82,000 loans to entrepreneurs; individuals and families; projects or organic products and social enterprises that, among other benefits, helped create 33,500 jobs a year, according to a study of ESADE. In MicroBank we are proud to have improved the lives of all our direct and indirect beneficiaries.

We could count much more. But we are in Sustainable Brands mainly because we want to keep on adding more. So we promoted a debate to discuss and to be able to provide new perspectives to our business. Therefore, we also want to be with you who are leading change, because we believe that legitimately we form part of that help to transform our society and create new opportunities to those who need or are also willing to contribute their bit.

MicroBank leads the thematic lunch table at which CaixaBank will share how the bank channels the activity of the microcredit through MicroBank. CaixaBank will be represented by Àngel Pes, vice president of CaixaBank and responsible for CSR and Reputation, and Albert López, the Managing Director of MicroBank.

caixa-bank-logo CaixaBank is the leading financial group on the Spanish market and works to create shared value for all its stakeholders, according to their values of quality, trust and social commitment. This commitment to act results in an efficient and sustainable long-term management that guarantees solvency and takes into account the environmental and social impact of their actions.


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