Ecoembes en Sustainable Brands Barcelona

Escrito por Óscar Martín, CEO de ECOEMBES Cuando tratamos de diagnosticar nuestras realidades y marcarnos objetivos para avanzar, inevitablemente tenemos que hacer un ejercicio de comparación con nuestro entorno cercano y de cómo éste condiciona nuestra mirada compartida. En Ecoembes gestionamos conjuntamente con nuestras administraciones la recogida selectiva y la recuperación de los envases ligeros…


Laia Papió: ‘I love when my clients tell me my garments are their favorite ones and they do not take them off for years’

Laia Papió’s fashion and clothes tailor-made service involves a specific design approach based on long-lasting comfort and customers’ well-being. This approach clearly deviates from those trends which are still anchored in a short-lived concept of fashion and industrial production. Thus, Laia Papió keeps herself constantly searching for essential and timeless forms in the garments she…


Interview with Geoff Kendall, Co-founder, CEO of Future-Fit Business and speaker at SB’15 Barcelona

What is Future-Fit Business? What is its origin? We think of a future-fit business as one that can prosper on an ever more crowded and resource-constrained planet, while helping – rather than hindering – progress toward a flourishing future. Everyone would probably agree that this is a sensible thing to aim for. But the big…