Sustainable Brands Madrid 2019 returns with #QuieroMoonshots

By: Sandra Pina, Managing Director of Quiero and director of Sustainable Brands Madrid.

Sustainable Brands Madrid 2019 is here. This 17th and 18th October, the capital will once again host the fifth edition of this international event on sustainability and business that we have been organising at Quiero since 2015. With the purpose of revolutionizing our souls, hearts and minds, our two-day event encourages and inspires action from the eye-opening and world-changing ideas that we learn about every year from international speakers and game-changers who join us in Madrid.

In the last edition we put the focus on «Redesigning the Good Life: Brands Serving Humanity» placing the person at the very core, and in 2019 we accelerate the engines to the max. We want to encourage disruptive innovation through ‘Moonshots’; radical ideas to generate unthinkable changes, with a direct and transformative impact on society.

We are running out of time to react, so we need inspirational leaders who are not afraid to run contrary to established models to promote processes and products with a transformative nature, with a 360º vision of sustainability, and which push systemic changes in an increasingly uncertain environment, and in turn generate great and plentiful opportunities.

‘Moonshots’ come from the Apollo XI trip to the Moon and the complexities and difficulties that the astronauts and mission control had to face and overcome to reach their destiny and step on the moon. That is why this year, 50 years on from that momentous occasion for humanity, we want to share with all of you the most progressive and disruptive changes that are being carried out by innovative companies in sustainable development with a focus on people and the planet.


«Moonshots for Mankind. Creating mind-sets to rock the change» is the theme chosen for Sustainable Brands Madrid 2019 with which we want to accelerate the speed of change and encourage all those who want to join the trip to drive projects and companies that are confronting head-on the unprecedented global challenges that Humanity is facing:  Climate change, inequality, the fight against poverty and hunger, and a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In # SBMadrid19 we will explore the methodology of Moonshot thinking from three areas: personal, brand and companies and its application to business, and how we can benefit from radical innovation to change our personal and professional environments, as well as all humanity.

Only courage, persistence and reflection will allow us to overcome the barriers that we believe are unattainable, to generate unthinkable change with bold and brave thought processes to solve the problems we so urgently face today.

We are talking about amazing, inspiring transforming ideas that have a positive impact. That’s why we look for Moonshots.

We want you to accompany us on this trip to the Moon. In our rocket there is room for all to drive radical innovation. We look forward to receiving you in Madrid, on the 17th and 18th October at #SBMadrid19. I #Quieromoonshots.

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