Sirikul NUI Laukaikul, founder The Brandbeing Consultant Co., LTD: “Responsibility and sustainability should be critical KPI of marketing”

Nui established her own consulting firm, The Brandbeing Consultant Co., LTD, after working for global corporations for nearly twenty years. Her approach to develop brand strategy is based upon the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

In this interview she talks about Karma Marketing, inspirational and compassionate leaders and how marketing helps make companies really more sustainable and not ‘greenwashing’

What is ‘Karma Marketing’ and how can it help build marketing based on sustainability principles?

In short, Karma Marketing is Mindful Marketing. Mindfulness is being aware of action and consequences of that action toward other living souls. Karma Marketing thus is the practice of marketing that care and concern about the consequence/impact that will happen. The essence of Karma Marketing is to remind the marketing practitioners not to take anything short terms or take things for grant. Be conscious on the impacts of bad marketing. Everything in life has ‘footprint’, good marketing will bring good karma to the brand, bad marketing will also bring bad karma to the brand. What go around, come around. The more people understand the power of action (karma), the more they will look forward to the future. Karma Marketing will help brands shape their actions to secure the future or our next generations. The minute that marketing starts to be mindful, they will have mercy to care and concern about others, and that is the way for brands to support sustainability – use marketing as a tool to create good karma for society as a whole.


You defend the «Economy of Sufficiency» philosophy. How can marketing help to create that culture where the important thing is that everyone has «enough» and not «as much you have, as much you worth»?

Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) is not limited to the practice of marketing. It’s the master mindset that every soul should have. SEP is developed based the one of the most important Buddhism concepts – Moderation. Moderation is a thinking to help people control their greed. Most of social issues derived from greed! Greed makes people worship on ‘materials’ instead of ‘value’. Greed makes people too busy with gaining and forget giving. SEP provide thinking framework for people to justify weather what they have now is .. “enough” or “not yet enough”. It gives you target to gain and then to give. Essentially, SEP empowers to think about yourself and beyond just yourself. SEP teaches you to care about others and share resources so that everyone will have ‘enough’ to sustain. Change from ME to WE.


What are the benefits of a company that is committed to that philosophy?

Companies that don’t know ‘when is enough’ will never know ‘when to give’. Apply SEP into business, will empower companies to develop growth not to just business but also to other stakeholders. It will help business to be more mindful and have better sense of purpose in conducting business.


Circular economy, collaborative economy, sustainable economy… All of them place the human being as the central axis of their approach, but they are still minority trends. How can this humanist vision be implemented in the global economy?

The short cut to this journey is … Finding Leaders with Compassion. Compassionate Leaders will be the driving force for Business with Purpose. So I suggest that we must work together to identify the Good Leaders, do whatever it takes to support them. Human-being is the central axis of Sustainable Economy, Leader is the central axis of Sustainability Driving Force.


Is marketing helping to make companies really more sustainable and not ‘greenwashing’?

Not “ENOUGH”, we need more Karma / Mindful Marketing. We need to work together to change KPI of Marketing that it is not about gaining more and more. Sense of responsibility and sustainability should also be critical KPI of marketing. Speed of Responsible consumption is much slower that responsible production!


Why companies that want to change the world should not miss Sustainable Brands Madrid 2018?

SB is all about Power of Collaboration. If you want to change the world faster and better, you need friends, you need supports, you needs knowledge, you need inspirations, you need actions …. And yes, you can get all of these from SB Madrid 2018 – one of the most thought provocative conferences in the world. They have Good Hearts, Good Heads and Good Hands.

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