Sponsors of Sustainability

What do a soft-drink company, a Thai foundation and a Danish energy company have in common?

They all sponsor Sustainable Brands Barcelona, Spain’s biggest sustainability event, a gathering of global leaders of sustainability in industry and companies interested in implementing transformative business models.

In addition to making the event possible, each sponsor pioneers sustainability in their own right with policies positively impacting the environment, society (increasing social well-being), and efficiency. So what are the highlights of their innovating sustainable strategies?
Main Sponsors:

Basf says, “We create chemistry for a sustainable future,” combining economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation, they enable industries to meet the needs of society: conserving resources, ensuring healthy food and nutrition, and improving quality of life.

Acciona is a global leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects; from research, development and design to construction, operation and maintenance of projects. Contributing in more than 30 countries to the economic and social progress of local communities, they lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by investing in innovation and adopting processes and quality standards that optimise resource use and protect the environment.

Coca-Cola commits to society through socio-educational, cultural, and sports projects and activities, and protects the environment with a focus on water and responsible business management. One of their most important projects is more ecological packaging. Coca-Cola investigates to achieve lighter bottles, which not only reduces the use of material, but also facilitates their transport to their destination, reducing the total carbon footprint. They also sponsor Proyecto Gira, working with Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing to empower youth to succeed in the worlds of art and business (read about it in this post).

Other sponsors include:

Samsung fosters integrity and conditions of workers and suppliers; creates sustainable ecosystems by cultivating responsible practices of suppliers, distributers and customers; forges innovation, corporate citizenship programs, and partnerships for shared growth; and implements green management – improving workplaces, health and safety, eco-friendly products and materials, and reducing GHG emissions.

Dong energy, a Danish power company, is taking their business green with many sustainability projects at hand, including offshore wind energy, local community projects, and lowering the cost of green energy.

Servis organises events, taking into account the materials and processes used to generate the least impact on environment, and the real interactions people will have with the spaces they propose, to maintain positive social impact of sustainable development.

Chep – exemplifying an inherently sustainable business model for over 50 years – reduces, reuses, and recycles through pallet and container pooling solutions. They “do the right thing:” improving supply chain efficiency, drastically minimising environmental footprint, contributing to local communities and driving sustainability globally. Their resource solutions significantly reduce overall energy consumption, solid waste, and CO2 emissions.

TSDF is the Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation, and their name says it all. Their mission is to research, collect and disseminate knowledge regarding sustainable development for practical application at local and international levels. Including projects initiated by His Majesty the King and the royal family, TSDF promotes “The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy” to successfully balance economy, society, environment, and culture – and provide continuing sustainable development for real communities.

Fundación abertis is on a mission to promote and manage development of infrastructure in a sustainable way. They are involved in many international infrastructure projects, including one with UNESCO.

Eventsoft and JMT – two cooperating event companies also helping the professional conferences – facilitate recycling. Events use a lot of products, created only for a few days of use before being disposed of, creating enormous waste. They enable reusing, which is of course sustainable and efficient, and they manage to make something economically profitable in addition.

We are also very grateful to have our academic partner and host, the IESE Business School and their contribution, the beautiful location where Sustainable Brands Barcelona 2016 is being held.

Above are just a few ways these organisations’ sustainability practices play out, highlighting environmental, societal, and efficiency work. There are more contributors attending the summit! If you’d like to know how you or your business can implement sustainable practices Now, please join us for Sustainable Brands Barcelona (Monday and Tuesday May 23rd-24th, 2016).

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