Sustainable Sunday – Making Sustainability Sexy for Citizens

We are very excited about Sustainable Sunday edition 2016, a play day on the 22nd of May at Cosmo Caixa in Barcelona, an open to the public prelude to Sustainable Brands Barcelona!

Sustainable Sunday comes as part of the professional conference with the aim of sharing
understanding of and desire for sustainability across generations. It is a typical Sunday with
citizens participating in activities exploring civil, environmental, and resource longevity.
“This Sunday we aim to make sustainability into something sexy for citizens.”

Social and environmental problems are only solved from joint efforts with citizenship, so we
invite families to come spend the day enjoying the city, learn about sustainability, have fun,
and participate in dialogue between businesses, governments and everyday people.

Last Year’s Recap

Last Sustainable Sunday, citizens connected with current, close and tangible perceptions of
sustainability in organizations, seeing how they apply it now.
Sustainable Sunday edition 2015 included activities for all ages in fashion, technology,
wellness, cinema, music, and more. Families flew drones, learned to repair bicycles,
practiced sustainable fishing, saw up close a 100% electric touring race car, played larger-
than-life chess on a completely recycled field, and youth participated in workshops on
“consumer sovereignty” and purifying water.

The public, small entrepreneurs, and big brands all shared space for face-to- face dialogue.
This unique initiative in the world of the Sustainable Brands community truly supports
sustainable development.

This Year’s High Expectations

This year’s Sustainable Sunday proves to be even bigger and better. With sponsors
including BASF, Samsung and CocaCola, the program gains continued
support and presents new ways of relating to the environment and society through workshops, films and live debates. This year’s program has added 15 more workshops thanks to projects such as:

  • Shake It Social
  • Città Infinita (MSNBC)
  • Life Line Learning
  • El Futuro se escribe con tú. MSC/FSC
  • Moda Sostenible
  • Apadrina Un Olivo
  • La Comunidad Verde
  • Kids’ Lab “Water Loves Chemistry”
  • Moving Mood/ Fit&Sit
  • VIUVIDA y EM Projectes Didàctics

Moreover, through partner Tomorrow is Now, guest country of this edition of Sustainable Brands Barcelona: The Netherlands contributes to Sustainable Sunday with participation of
two entrepreneurial projects: I Did Slow Fashion and Mud Jeans.

Last year’s successful workshops including sustainable fishing, kids’ yoga, and water
purification will be available again. In addition, there will be even more new activities at
Sustainable Sunday 2016, such as how to build a new city with recovered materials, learn to
extend the life of clothes, presentations on personal, environmental wellness and
entrepreneurship, films and panels on sustainability, exhibitions and displays of sustainable
fashion and music, as well as the plentiful workshops!

The activities of Sustainable Sunday and the professional conferences of Sustainable
Brands Barcelona (Monday and Tuesday May 23rd -24th, 2016) are all presented by Quiero Salvar el Mundo Haciendo Marketing (I Want to Save the World Through Marketing).
Sustainable Sunday is free and open to the entire community, but you need to get your
tickets for the #SB16bcn Summit here!

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