Tell everyone. Sustainability is NOW transforming our businesses.


The second Sustainable Brands Barcelona is taking off. From Quiero, we invite you to join us, since NOW, in this year’s gathering that will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona from 22nd -24th May 2016.

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 “There is a language older by far and deeper than words. It is the language of bodies, of body on body, wind on snow, rain on trees, wave on stone. It is the language of dream, gesture, symbols memory. We have forgotten this language. We do not even remember that it exists”.

These words begin “A language older tan words”, Derrick Jensen’s wonderful book. It invites readers to face facts from reality as well as from the belief that our society can and must be better.

The world is changing. The need of regaining a frank and constructive dialogue is pushing all the agents in society to redefine our relationship frameworks. In the corporate sector, demand towards new products, new services and new business models accomplishing a purpose – and being profitable at the same time- is already an unquestionable fact. And this is part of our language: Good Corporate Governance, Circular Economy, B Corps, Ecodesign, Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship…


Curiously, the main enemy of innovation is always in-house, within ourselves. It is impossible to create something new if we are not capable of operating outside of our «comfort zone”, taking risks and looking around with the curiosity of a child. This is also so-called leadership.

People’s comments on the content quality of the event are very present to me when remembering last year’s Sustainable Brands Barcelona. Some said they had been very surprised at the emotional side behind that innovative, breakthrough and more that rational content.

Our speakers could perhaps be very passionate about their job. They enjoyed the feeling of both being part of the change, a changing actor, and the the fact that their organizations wanted to lead this new way of understanding business. They were achieving it.


We brought the Sustainable Brands experience to Barcelona because we felt business were starting to realise that sustainability itself is a market, a business opportunity generating value around us. This opportunity must drive us to undertake a thorough review on how we design, produce and sell our products and services. This involves co-responsibility, collaboration and innovation with the clear objective of promoting our society’s sustainable development.

Witnessing how managers and leaders from organizations such as Levis’, Campbell, Patagonia, Cisco, Sistema B and Acciona among others, were sharing their business experience related to this market – and even their mistakes- was absolutely wonderful.


Everyone working in this sector, including us, recognize the burden of “short-termism”, the fear of change and the hypocrisy one could find around the value of intangible goods. However, we are all aware of a societal change and a change of the ecosystem. Now there is a real opportunity.

And so?

The second Sustainable Brands Barcelona will be focused on HOW to generate NOW the necessary business strategies, marketing plans, innovations processes and organizational changes in order to successfully lead our organizations’ sustainable development.


How Now means: big data, artificial intelligence, circular economy, development of the local area, net positive impact, open innovation, citizen brands, collective intelligence, sustainability… All those realities are in line with the need of a better resource-efficiency level and citizenship empowerment. What is the role you want your company to play in this reality? Want to be a change-maker?


From Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing, we invite you to join us, since NOW, in this coming SBBCN event that will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona from 22nd -24th May 2016.

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Brands, say it loud. Say it clear.

Sustainable Brands Barcelona represents a great opportunity to give visibility and voice to all those brands and companies willing to instill their willingness to work consciously in the sustainability field. 

Firms like Acciona, Ford or BASF among others joined us giving active support on the first SBBCN. They had the chance to share their understanding and practices on sustainability with citizens and professionals.

Collaborate with us! Help us shape this unique experience in our country, Spain. We are at your disposal to help you finding the best way to give voice to your work and leadership.


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