Trash is the good news! How to stop using our natural resources in a careless way now

Javier Goyeneche, President and Founder of Ecoalf, convinced us that it is possible to create new and fashion clothes utilizing the waste that people throw away every day in the environment. He presented us “Upcycling the Oceans”, an ambitious project that has as main goal removing waste from the Mediterranean Sea. They established a partnership with local fisherman to collect all the waste that they find while fishing.

The amount of waste is growing even in remote places such as deep oceans and the top of Everest Mountain. Ecoalf started showing an example of what is possible to do to change this reality. To make only one Ecoalf jacket we can take out from the nature 80 pet bottles. This amazing destination to a waste deposit that could be disturbing the fish ecosystem and ultimately the human health.

The company can also recycle discarded fishing net, used tires, post-consumer coffee, post-industrial cotton and post-industrial wool. Besides recycling waste, making new, and fashion clothes, this company products have other interesting features: fast drying, odor control and UV protection for the. It is all done using 0% of raw material consumption, 50% less consumption of energy, 60% less air pollution, less consumption of water and less production of greenhouse emission for the environment.

“Because there is no planet B.”

Juliana Marques, SB Barcelona 2016 Volunteer, IESE Business School

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