Extract from the Preface of the English version for the book: “Understanding the world of energy 2.0”, realized by Mr Bruno Lechevin President of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency

Understanding the new world of energy and bringing energy transition to the top of the agenda: what a wonderful undertaking! Rethinking, transforming and developing our means of energy production and consumption, building on technological advances and supporting changes in behaviour in order to finally create new systems of organisation and governance… in short, putting energy to work for our society and no longer just at the centre of our society…the challenge is as crucial as it is enthralling!

But, energy and ecological transition is not only a burning need, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to re-think our organisations, our relationship with objects and possessions and, even more deeply, our relations with others and our capacity to be a part of a more collaborative society.

With the 21st Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention (COP 21) held in Paris this year, 2015 will test the world’s collective capacity to bring direction, the right direction, to the necessary transformations…

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