Multiplying Impact Through Collaboration

A key attribute of the Apollo triumph was how individuals came together to solve difficult problems and how they set aside personal interests in order to achieve the collective mission. The Apollo program involved more than 400,000 scientists and engineers from 20,000 private companies. The program exemplifies the three core ingredients for successful business collaboration: Vision, Co-operation & Openness.

Half a century later the moonshot framework – defining a problem, supporting it with money and cross-disciplinary expertise and attempting to solve it in a given timeframe — should be updated and applied to solve humanity´s greatest challenges. The problems humanity face today requires innovative thinking from all of us. Be it scientists, designers, business leaders, government policy makers and consumers. These inspirational leaders must break free from traditional thinking, disciplinary boundaries, and narrow aspirations. There needs to be another path that is not based on expanding knowledge for knowledge’s sake and then developing a solution. Rather, the problem should be identified and a team of the right people should be brought together to solve it. This type of organizational partnership and teamwork accelerates innovation and produces more frequent success stories than individuals working alone.

In this track we explore the unbounded nature of human creativity and the multiplicative power of collaboration & teamwork in addressing global challenges.

  • How TOMS is Transforming Itself to Innovate & Scale its Impact
  • Empowering People Everywhere to Create the Change They Want
  • Collaboration: The Rocket Fuel of Moonshots