Supply Chain as a multiplier: Human-Centered, Purpose Driven & Regenerative

Moderated by Sandra Pina, Director, Quiero, and Instigator, SB Madrid

In the new paradigm, the Supply Chain acts as a fundamental lever for creating positive impact and building greater levels of transparency. The supply chain must serve not only within its area of direct influence and immediate adjacencies, but must also extend its ambition beyond its natural boundaries to target systemic change by establishing new alliances with tier 1,2,3 suppliers. The ultimate goal for the supply chain is to become Regenerative & Human-Centered.

In this interactive discussion you will learn practical insights from Tony´s Chocolonely and Forum for the Future on how the supply chain can be leveraged to deliver purpose outcomes.

Ubicación: time-visible Fecha: jueves 17 junio 2021 Hora: 17:15 - 17:50 Ynzo Van Zanten Dra Sally Uren OBE