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Chris Grantham


Circular Economy Portfolio Director


Chris is Circular Economy Portfolio Director at IDEO, where he leads IDEO’s consultancy business in the circular economy and works with organisations on system change and breakthrough innovation.

Chris has been closely involved in a number of design led initiatives with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, including the development of The Circular Design Guide. Launched at The World Economic Forum in 2017, the guide aims to develop a generation of creatively confident, systems orientated circular designers and more resilient organisations capable of thriving in the circular economy.

Chris has also been developing ideas around a regenerative community model. The hypothesis being that a number of emerging technologies and social trends will combine to fuel a great degree of enterprise at both a home and community level. We believe that households and communities will produce more (at multiple scales) within a more localised economy. In this sense the circular economy can be more than just an economic system, it is also a life system. As opposed to traditional sustainability narratives this is not a narrative about limiting consumption, compromise or pure altruism, but a belief that enlightened self interest driven by the pleasures of participation, feedback and connection to a local economic system will drive more circular behaviours. This is a narrative about creative confidence in the home and community. An opportunity to enhance natural capital, wellbeing and social capital through higher quality, lower cost, locally produced goods and services and shared interests.

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