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Madrid SB’17 an even MORE sustainable event


The organizers of Sustainable Brands Madrid believe in the need to apply the values and principles of sustainable development in the design of our meeting. Therefore, we pledge to continue abiding environmental, social, economic and cultural parameters with our environment.


The main courses of action that we take in our commitment to sustainability are:

  1. Minimization of material consumption and waste generation: We will use temporary structures that do not involve consumption of raw materials and do not generate disposable debris. In addition, we will favor bulk dispensing food and beverage avoiding the generation of leftovers.
  2. Recycling and separate collection of generated waste.
  3. Reducing CO2 emissions, measurement and compensation of the carbon footprint caused by the electricity consumption and the mobility of individuals attending the event.
  4. Selection of spaces that meet the optimum conditions to carry out the activities of Sustainable Brands in a sustainable way, especially when it relates to accessibility and energy efficiency.
  5. Collaboration with solidarity and social responsibility projects.
  6. Good working environment for the workers involved, ensuring regulatory compliance and appropriate safety conditions.
  7. Positive impact on the local community, not only as a tool for economic development but also as a factor in promoting more sustainable and healthy habits in the community.
  8. Transparency in organizing our activities by developing a sustainability report in which we analyze the areas of improvement for future editions.
  9. Engaging our stakeholders by involving them in our commitment to sustainability in the event and involving them in its development.

All these actions place us among a group of international events committed to respect the environment and to sustainability as a whole in the development of their activities.

Sustainable Brands Madrid has the support of Eventsost,  experts in sustainable events , advising on tasks for the development, the implementation and the monitoring of this sustainability strategy.

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