Marianella Cervi


Sustainability & Responsibility Manager


Marianella is the Head of Sustainability & Responsibility for Timberland EMEA. In this role, she leads and drives Timberland’s Sustainability strategy ensuring it is an integrated part of the business.

Marianella is a professional with solid experience in Sustainability, gained over 10+ years in the Food and Apparel sector, in global business environments. She has joined Timberland on March 2018, after having spent 8 years in Germany, where she worked for Fairtrade’s certification body (FLOCERT).

Marianella spent the first years @ FLOCERT focusing on global supply chain auditing and certification (managing the Europe & North America teams) and then moved to the Sustainable Innovation team to support companies build their sustainability strategies & code of conduct.

Marianella’s first steps in Sustainability were made at Nike Hq. EMEA (in the Netherlands), where she worked for the EMEA CSR team.

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