Pedro Olazabal

Economy for Common Good

Country Manager Spain


Industrial engineer who accompanies businesses on the road to sustainability.

Apply the efficient and effective management to measuring what really matters: our impacts on society and the environment. His obsession is to find the balance between economic, social and environmental spheres of organizations, ie, a triple balance management.

Part of the team of editors of the matrix of the common good, the instrument by which the economy for the common good proposes a new balance for organizations. He has also participated and promoted the definition of the triple balance of the SANNAS association.

His experience in the working world goes from the manufacture of wind turbine blades to periods in international cooperation projects. Since 2016 he has driven Areteia, the sustainability consulting for organizations that design, plan, implement, sees thought and evaluates strategies and plans aimed at the sustainable transition of organizations.

He is passionate from the overall design of transformative strategies applying the methodology Theory of Change to the smallest technical detail in any management, improvement or measurement.

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