Climate Emergency: Countdown to Zero

People, organizations and leaders from around the world are starting to realize that we have a climate emergency on our hands. From David Attenborough’s Blue Planet to Greta Thunberg’s strikes, to the protests led by groups such as the Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion — change is happening now. Countries such as the UK and France have all formally declared a Climate Emergency, likewise major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

The Climate Emergency movement has grown due to extreme climate events that have been impossible to ignore: wildfires, storms and droughts, plus heat waves that made June the hottest month on record. Their mission is to change the way the world talks about climate change. To describe it in more urgent language in order to mobilize stronger action.

Moving towards a sustainable economy requires a structural transformation of the economy, energy systems and business culture. Economies based on unsustainable growth and consumption create inequality, weaken democracy and endanger the planet. The UN´S IPPC claims that keeping global warming at the minimum level requires the radical transformation of every sector of the global economy over the next 12 years.

The Apollo 11 space program is the closest parallel in recent history as to the scale and urgency of effort needed in moving the world towards the 1.5oc threshold. In this opening track Extinction Rebellion & NASA will demonstrate why time is running out and how business can step up and become a part of this change…

  • What is a Climate Emergency? Declaring a Climate Emergency to the Board
  • Working the Problem: A look at the NASA Strategy