Keynote on Disruptive Marketing: X, formerly Google [X] «X, The Moonshot Factory: inside Moonshot Marketing»

Connecting to our last presential event, this opening session will bring back Moonshots to us: radical innovations providing solutions to some of the most challenging issues Humanity faces, but this time we will look at Moonshots from the marketing side.

Kyla will take us on a journey inside of X, The Moonshot Factory (formerly known as Google X), a research and development lab based in California to learn about moonshot marketing. X’s mission is to launch moonshot technologies to tackle some of the world’s hardest problems, but successfully landing breakthrough innovations in the real world requires more than just great technology. Creativity, storytelling, and brand building play a critical role in making moonshots happen. This session will explore how marketing can redefine its role in purpose-driven organizations.

Location: Date: Friday 26th November 2021 Time: 09:20 - 09:45 Kyla Westphal Climate tech marketing lead at X (formerly known as Google X)