Parallel session A: Transformational leadership at the core

The fundamental starting point of a company’s sustainability journey is the desire to change and transform for the better; now more than ever we are in need of strong leaders in sustainability to initiate this journey, pave the way forward, inspire and motivate others to follow/ join in by acting as role model.

But are organizations ready to listen to these sustainability leaders and fully empower them? Which profiles of sustainability leaders are needed? Which skills do they need to have? How can they go from commitment to ambition? How can they create that lobby for good that is needed?

Heather will share her learnings from working at LUSH, a company leading in sustainability for more than 20 years that drove significant change in the industry and how barriers can be resolved and solutions can be encountered when transformational leadership is really at the core of a company.

Romain will share insights from the transformational journey he is undertaking with Adore Me aiming at revolutionizing the fashion industry. He has found a winning strategy which combines sustainability with inclusion and accessibility powered by e-commerce.

Alberto will discuss how he sees the role of CSR professionals evolving in these critical times, how transformational leaders are creating cultures of change and adaptation, following his long track record of achievements and experience.

Delia will moderate the discussion and help us to take away a new view on the role that today’s sustainability leaders have.