Parallel session C: Moonshots & Mindset Change for Sustainable Futures

To significantly advance in sustainable development, we need fundamental change. The challenges we face are huge, incremental solutions are simply not enough, these challenges do require mindset change together with the ability of identifying systemic solutions.

In this context, sustainability acts as powerful catalyst for sustainable innovations. Through sustainability we can refocus innovation efforts, starting from areas where innovation is needed the most (e.g. by applying Life Cycle Assessment to unveil and address environmental and social impacts), working on social innovation striving to change society for the better, promoting bottom-up experimentation coming from consumers& powered by data, pushing for a mindset shift (e.g. to achieve circularity) and adopting impact investment to put capital at the service of people and planet.

Harald will describe how moonshot thinking should be applied to resolve the world’s biggest challenges, how exponential technologies can serve humanity and planet and lead the way towards sustainbale futures.

Alberto will share his direct experience from the entrepreneurial journey at Smileat, a company that started with the “moonshot” of revolutionizing infant nutrition.

Finally, Diego from NESI will we explain the necessity of changing the way we think to create a sustainable society. A new economy is not a theory but a movement that NESI and its ecosystem are pushing.