Diego Isabel La Moneda

Co-founder and Director, NESI

Diego Isabel La Moneda is co-founder and Director of the NESI Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation, an organisation that aims at creating a new economy at the service of people and the planet. Diego has years of experience as a social entrepreneur and he is an expert in new economic models, social innovacion, governance and policy innovation. Besides, he advises several global networks and he has been appointed as Responsible Leader by the BMW Foundation. Diego is author of “Yo Soy Tú : Propuesta para una Nueva Sociedad” (Octaedro 2013), coauthor of “Dentro de 15 años” (LID 2015) “The Future of Work” (IH.Madrid, 2018) and “Economía del propósito” (Impact Hub 2019). Diego studied Forestry and Environmental Engineering at the University of Valladolid (Spain) as well as MSC Global Governance and Ethics at the UCL in London. He enjoys travelling, connecting with people and cultures, practising yoga and meditation, having time with his friends and feeling that he is contributing to systemic change.