Jorge Castro

Global Sustainability Engagement Specialist at Oatly

From his position as Global Sustainability Engagement Specialist at Oatly, he focuses on integrating sustainability into every part of the company. He is developing practical tools that seamlessly incorporate sustainability into everyday work processes. By facilitating the creation of goals and roadmaps aligned with Oatly’s Sustainability Plan, he empowers individuals and teams to contribute meaningfully towards a Plant-Based Revolution. Beyond tools and strategies, Jorge understands the significance of transparent and authentic messaging, and supports the organization in effectively communicating their sustainability efforts.

Jorge studied mechanical engineering in Guatemala and has a master’s degree in Sustainability Science from Lund University. Coming from a diverse background, with Spanish and Guatemalan heritage, he uses his multicultural experience to bridge gaps and find opportunities for collaboration across different sectors.

Jorge’s journey to his current role involved measuring IKEA’s sustainability impacts on customers, co-workers, and communities. He also worked in local government in the UK, aligning public and private interests. With a humble yet determined spirit, Jorge is driven by his deep-rooted passion for creating a positive impact for both people and planet.