Jose Gorbea, aka ‘Pepe’

Global Head of Brands and Sustainability Innovation, HP / Co-Founder StoryMaking 4 Good, S.L.

With two and a half decades of experience in creativity, marketing, sustainability, technology and brand innovation, Jose Gorbea, aka ‘Pepe’, is a passionate leader, well-established speaker, marketing professor and expert in revitalizing brands through purpose, consumer co-creation and sustainability.

Pepe has proven that consumer centric campaigns deliver outstanding results. From iconic confectionery brands to smaller farming communities in the Italian mountains, Pepe’s strategic counsel has been the foundation for branding success all over the world. For him, bringing to life the voice of the consumer and their communities through the power of co-creation has helped him enable his clients to produce ‘Better Marketing’ from the likes of Hershey’s #HerShe and Nescafe’s ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ to Dettol’s ‘Covid Warriors’ and Smirnoff’s ‘Love Wins’ just to name a few.

Pepe’s transition from FMCG into Tech has sparked a marketing evolution, proving that through physical experiences and technology, brands can accelerate ESG commitments, celebrate diversity, drive supply chain transparency while reducing packaging waste & carbon footprint. Most recently, he created a consumer-centric framework around co-creation for brands that want to effectively drive positive sustainable behavior change.

Pepe grew up in the suburbs of Mexico City, led the marketing agenda of multiple brands at Bimbo, Kraft Foods, Nestle and Mondelez across the globe and is a former alumnus of Google’s Marketing Academy. He holds a post-graduate from Stanford’s School of Business on ‘Building Innovative Leaders’ and is a valued member of D&AD’s Impact Council as well as a judge for WARC’s Marketing Effectiveness Awards. He currently teaches at ESADE School of Business in (the 9th top Marketing School in the world) the StoryMaking 4 Good program which he has co-founded as a purpose-led start-up. He lives in Barcelona from where he continues his journey to reinvent brand-building strategies that create a better future for all.

Personal Quote:

“Embrace the Power of Co-Creation: human beings aren’t just recipients of information. Brands need to celebrate the voices of their communities and empower people to make our world a better place”.

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