Jose Mari Luzárraga

Cofounder of Mondragon Team Academy (MTA World) a 1.443 team-entrepreneurs international community with 93 team companies & 13 MTA Social Innovation Labs operating in 4 different continents (Europe, Asia, America & Africa) with a shared mission: “We are passionate team-entrepreneurs blooming ourselves to create together a radical positive impact glocally “.

ASHOKA Fellow since December 2015.

Professor at Mondragon University since 2004 lecturing in MBA and masters specialized in Global Business, working co-operatives, social entrepeneurship & CSR strategies.

International researcher of MIK (Mondragon Innovation Knowledge) research centre. In June 2008 presented his PhD thesis “Mondragon Multilocalisation strategy: Innovating a Human Centred Globalisation”.

Speaker at several international conferences in India, Norway, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, USA (World Bank Youth Summit), Saudi Arabia, China & Brazil, collaborate with different universities as CEIBS (Shanghai), Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico) or Harvard Business School (Boston).

Serial social entrepreneur having cofounded several social business startups. Advisory Board member of TZBZ S.Coop,  DOT S.Coop, OX Riders Ltd.

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