Kavita Parmar

Founder of the IOU Project and Partner at XTant

Kavita Parmar has had a long trajectory in the fashion industry having started her career working in a sourcing agency in Hong Kong for clients like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gap, Banana Republic, etc. in her 20s. She went on to head the licensing of an iconic childrenswear brand OSHKOSH Bgosh in India. After selling that company she moved to Spain and started two womenswear brands based on artisanal craftsmanship, Raasta and Suzie Wong, selling them in over 300 multi brand stores across the globe.

In 2010, she started The IOU Project a pioneer in harnessing the power of technology to give authorship back to the artisan weaver and authentic provenance to the final consumer. Using a QR code to connect the consumer with over 250 master weavers from Madras Indiathe project turned supply chains into prosperity chains. It won her many awards including the UNSCC Leadership Award, Luxury Briefing Award for Innovation, SOURCE Award by Ethical Fashion Forum London, Sustainable Luxury Award in Latin America, NY Venture Fellow Program, Unreasonable at Sea Program, Levi´s Collaboratory Fellowship etc.

She currently resides in Madrid since 2001 where she has her design studio, teaches courses on Sustainability and innovative business models in various international fashion universities and also does consulting work for clients like NIKE, Levi’s. Etc. Invited to speak on sustainability, fashion and new emerging trends at the United Nations Leaders program in Torino Italy, Tedx Barcelona, Tedx Big Apple in New York, Tedx Navigli, Beyond Fashion Berlin, Pechacucha in Spain, Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi, Fonart in Mexico, Instituto Rio de Moda in Rio de Jainero, SxSW Eco in Austin USA, Paraty Eco Fashion Brazil and many more.
In 2018 Kavita created XTANT, a global community passionate about heritage textile craft that gathers together once a year to celebrate the art in craft. Someone beautifully described it as a mix between Burning Man, TED conference and a village fair. This project is aligned with her core belief to use the power of technology to serve the underserved and she co-hosts it with Marcella Echavarria in Palma each year with the help of the Mallorcan Government