Laura Rodríguez Zugasti

Marine Stewardship Council

Program Director Spain & Portugal


Laura Rodríguez Zugasti is the Program Director of Marine Stewardship Council Spain and Portugal, member of the Global Strategy Group of the organization.

She has focused her professional career to incorporate sustainability in purchasing decisions for 20 years. She began her career at Fundación Solidaridad Internacional, where she started and developed the Fair Trade Department of the NGO. After that, she worked at Cooperativa de Comercio Justo y Economía Solidaria IDEAS for 7 years, in which she launch the Responsible Purchasing Department aimed at advising public and private entities in the integration of ethical, social and environmental purchasing, as well as developing fair trade activities.

In 2010, Rodríguez joined the international sustainable fishing NGO Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to lead the opening of the offices in Spain and Portugal. MSC in the Iberian region is focused on promoting the sustainability of fisheries in the industrial and artisanal fisheries sector, advising the companies for the incorporation of sustainable purchasing policies, as well as communication and consumer education in the responsible consumption of sea ​​products.

Laura has a degree in Law and Business for San Pablo CEU University (Complutense Univ, Madrid) and a Master in Business Law for the Center of Studies of Business Law (Spain).

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