Mark Buckley Marc Buckley


SDG Advocate


Marc has been involved in Climate Activism for a long time. One of the first to be trained by Al Gore as a Climate Speaker he has made getting through the Climate Crisis towards Resilient Desirable Futures his life’s work. As an Official UN SDG Advocate, Official UN Resilient Futurist, Social Innovation, Climate Change Agriculture, Food and Beverage Expert Network member of the World Economic Forum, Global Food Reformist, and Sustainable Futurist, Marc is on a mission to empower billions of global citizens to live an adaptive lifestyle of health and sustainability within planetary boundaries.

Marc is also a Champion for Global Citizen social movement to end extreme poverty. The Germany and Austria Country Manager for Al Gores Climate Reality Project and a international speaker on the climate crisis. Active Member of UN SDSN and SDGAcademy. Delegate at EAT Stockholm Food Forum. Party Delegate at UNFCCC COP events. Sustainable Futurist for the UN conducting Workshops setting the Roadmap for desirable futures to 2050. An ambassador for Future Food Institute. Adjunct Professor for Berlin School of Sustainable Futures, University of Applied Sciences. Committee member for Environment and Innovation for the Italian Federation of Human Rights FIDU – Federazione Italiana Diritti Umani.

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