Olivia Mandle

Animal Activist & Climate Warrior. Mini-Heroine by The Jane Goodall Institute.


Olivia is a 14-year-old environmental and animal rights activist from Barcelona, Spain. She wants to raise awareness on the environmental danger in which we are living and call each one of us to act to reverse current trends and improve the health of our planet.

She is an activist for the rights and protection of marine animals, especially dolphins. This past year she launched a campaign on Change.org to prohibit dolphin parks in Spain (Spain is the country in Europe with the highest number of dolphins in captivity: of the 30 dolphinaria existing in Europe, 12 are in Spain). Her campaign #noesPaisparaDelfines, has already collected over 100.000 signatures and it is directed to Pedro Sanchez (Presidente del Gobierno), Prime Minister of Spain. Now she is leading a historic moment: through her campaign a motion has been submitted and successfully filed in the Spanish Senate and soon she will be presenting it in front of the entire Spanish Congress.

She loves the sea and all its creatures which is why she also has organized and joined several initiatives to cleanup the Mediterranean Sea. She created the “Jelly Cleaner”: a tool made from recycled materials that anybody can use to extract microplastics from seas, rivers, and lakes.

For her efforts she was recognized as a “Mini-Heroine” by Roots & Shoots Spain: the educational program of The Jane Goodall Institute.

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