Susana Gago

Founder and director of Unakti

Susana Gago, BIO A passionate and committed entrepreneur, she is a regenerational leader with a global vision and a local and bio-regional community approach – leading from the grassroots up. 

A deep lover of Natura and the plant world, with a professional background in financial markets, she decided to leave the corporate world to explore meaningful ways to optimise her human and professional capacities. 

She is the founder and chief steward of Unakti: a women-driven regenerative ecosystem with a mission to restore landscapes and biodiversity across the Himalayan range by cultivating high-value botanicals for its Ayurveda-based skincare line and for the global cosmetic and phytopharmaceutical industries.

She believes that investing our human and financial resources in regenerating our planet and human nature, as well as empowering women to take up high-level leadership positions, is the best possible solution to stop climate collapse and build new life-affirming systems. 

“If we cannot protect nature, nothing else will matter”.

Susana Gago